How To Add A Slide-Out Contact Form In WordPress?

Enhancing user interaction on your WordPress site often involves providing seamless and convenient ways for visitors to connect with you. Incorporating a slide-out contact form is an effective strategy to encourage user engagement without cluttering your website’s layout. Follow these steps to effortlessly add a slide-out contact form to your WordPress site and elevate the user experience.

Install a Contact Form Plugin

To create a contact form and enable the slide-out functionality, start by installing a reputable contact form plugin. Popular choices include Contact Form 7, WPForms, or Gravity Forms.

Key Steps

  • Go to Plugins: In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the “Plugins” section and click “Add New.”
  • Search for a Contact Form Plugin: Enter the name of your preferred form plugin in the search bar.
  • Install and Activate: Once you find the plugin, click Install and Activate to make it active on your site.

Create a Contact Form

After activating the contact form plugin, proceed to create a customized contact form that suits your needs.

Key Steps

  • Locate the Plugin Menu: Find the plugin menu in your Dashboard (e.g., Contact, WPForms).
  • Create a New Form: Choose to create a new form and follow the prompts to add fields.
  • Configure Form Settings: Adjust form settings, including email notifications and confirmation messages.
  • Save or Publish: Save your form settings and publish the form.

Copy the Form Shortcode

Once your contact form is created, you’ll need to copy the shortcode provided by the plugin to embed the form on your website.

Key Steps

  • Access Form Shortcode: After creating the form, locate the shortcode provided by the plugin.
  • Copy Shortcode: Copy the shortcode to your clipboard.

Add the Shortcode to a Widget

To seamlessly integrate the contact form into your site, add the shortcode to a widget area where you want the slide-out form to appear.

Key Steps

  • Go to “Appearance” > “Widgets”: Navigate to the “Widgets” section in the “Appearance” menu.
  • Choose a Widget Area: Select the widget area where you want the contact form to slide out.
  • Add a Text Widget: Drag and drop a “Text” widget to the chosen widget area.
  • Paste Shortcode: Paste the shortcode you copied earlier into the text widget.
  • Save Changes: Save the changes to update the widget.

Implement Slide-Out Functionality

To make the contact form slide out when triggered, you’ll need to use additional customization options, such as custom JavaScript or a dedicated plugin.

Key Steps

  • Use a Plugin (Optional): Search for and install a plugin that specifically adds slide-out functionality to widgets or content.
  • Custom JavaScript (Advanced): If you prefer a custom approach, add JavaScript to your theme or use a custom JavaScript plugin. Ensure it targets the widget or element containing the contact form.

Style the Slide-Out Contact Form

Customizing the appearance of the slide-out form ensures it aligns with your site’s design. This may involve adjusting colors, fonts, and other styling options.

Key Steps

  • Theme Customizer: Navigate to “Appearance” > “Customize” to access your theme’s customization options.
  • Adjust Styling: Look for styling options related to widgets or form elements. Modify colors, fonts, and layout as needed.
  • Save Changes: Save your customizations to apply them to the slide-out form.

Test the Slide-Out Contact Form

Before making the slide-out contact form live, conduct thorough testing to ensure it functions correctly and provides a positive user experience.

Key Steps

  • Preview Changes: Use the preview option in the WordPress Customizer to see how the form looks and behaves.
  • Submit Test Entries: Test the contact form by submitting entries to verify that email notifications are received.
  • Check Responsiveness: Ensure the slide-out form is responsive and works well on various devices.

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Conclusion: Enhancing User Interaction

By seamlessly integrating a slide-out contact form into your WordPress site, you create a user-friendly avenue for visitors to connect with you without interrupting their browsing experience. Tailor the form to match your site’s aesthetics, test its functionality, and observe how this subtle yet effective engagement tool elevates user interaction on your WordPress website.

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